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NRF Overseas


The NeuroSurgical Research Foundation raises money to fund research into disease and injury of the brain, spine and nerves.
This research is undertaken in Australian Universities and Teaching hospitals.
Every cent of every dollar donated to the NRF goes directly to research.
Some of the specific areas of research funded have been in the following areas:
Brain Cancer—how cancer invades the brain
Brain Tumours – reducing swelling and long-term damage
Parkinson’s disease—slowing the advancement of Parkinson’s disease
Concussion—preventing long-term damage
Stroke—minimising brain tissue damage
Spinal Cord Injury—restoring function
Traumatic Brain Injury—how to stop life threatening brain swelling
Paediatric Research—shunt infections and traumatic brain injury. 
All you have to do is support me and donate!!  ALL donations go directly to the NRF and they are Tax Deductible, so click on DONATE NOW!
Thank you for your support and together we are funding the search for cures, improving treatments and saving lives.

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Activity Summary

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NeuroSurgical Research Foundation

NeuroSurgical Research Foundation funding world class medical research into disease and injury of the Brain, Spinal Cord and Nervous System.
Looking for cures, improving treatments and saving children’s and adults lives, in neurosurgical diseases and injury in the brain and spine.
[Brain Tumours – how cancer invades the brain] [Parkinson’s Disease – slowing down Parkinson’s Disease] [Stroke – brain haemorrhage – aneurysms - looking for surgical cures] [Spinal Cord Injury – as a result of sporting or car accidents]
[Traumatic Brain Injury – how to stop life threatening brain swelling.]

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